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Ideas to Make Your Energy & Utilities Better

We have a list of core services. But we’re more than a list. No matter the challenge, if you use gas, electricity, and water, we’re the partners with the imagination and experience to help you use it better.

We have secured funding well over

Elexicon Group is uniquely positioned to help municipalities, MURBs, MUSHs and other SMEs make use of the multiple funding opportunities available related to green energy, low carbon and net zero initiatives.


Envision is Elexicon Group’s vision for the future of energy and utilities management.

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Canada’s leading ice rink operators use Envision-ICE to deliver industry-leading ice surfaces with the lowest energy costs and CO2 emissions – guaranteed.

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Distributed Energy Solutions

DERs are behind-the-meter renewable and non-renewable generation, energy storage technologies and other Smart Connected or controlled loads.

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Automated Pool Covers

Our goal is to cover every lap pool in Canada, reducing boatloads of energy and CO2.

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EV Charging

Operators of electric vehicles want the longest run times & the fastest complete recharges. We find chargers that are the fastest & most cost-effective.

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Home EV Charging

90% of all charging is done at home. Get the right charging solution for where you live or work.

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Reduce utility costs and CO2 emissions while improving building performance and tenant comfort. At the same time.

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