Elexicon Group Inc. Introduces New Chief Executive Officer

Elexicon Group Inc. (“Elexicon Group” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that James Darrach has been appointed as its Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) effective April 1, 2019.

TORONTO, Ontario

“I am very excited to take on this leadership role at Elexicon Group and looking forward to building out the Company’s service offerings for the benefit of our customers,” said James Darrach, CEO of Elexicon Group. “There are many challenges and opportunities in the energy industry and the work of both Veridian and Whitby Hydro to date give us a great foundation to grow and expand Elexicon Group’s business portfolio.”

Elexicon Group Inc. is an affiliate company of Elexicon Energy, the company formed by the Veridian Corporation and Whitby Hydro Energy Corporation merger that was approved in 2018. The merger is scheduled to officially take effect on April 1, 2019, at which point Elexicon Group will be in business. Elexicon Group will guide customers along the best path to enhance their comfort, environment and their bottom line value.

James comes to Elexicon Group with extensive experience in business development, business growth and sales. Throughout his career he has been involved in several start-ups and has been directly involved in seeing them through conception to execution. James has also served in various senior leadership roles within the energy industry and has successfully managed major projects in the electrical, energy management and professional services realm.

“We are delighted to have James join our company. His entrepreneurial spirit and proven track record of bringing about tangible results in business development and growth will position Elexicon Group for success as we move forward,” said Karen Fisher, Elexicon Group’s incoming Board Chair. “We believe that James’ thorough knowledge of the energy industry will help lead the company in achieving its strategic goals and objectives.”

Elexicon Group’s affiliate Elexicon Energy, the Local Distribution Company, also expects to announce its appointed CEO in the near future. Elexicon Energy is providing safe, reliable and affordable electric delivery service to its customers and is owned by five municipalities east of the GTA, including Whitby, Pickering, Ajax, Clarington and Belleville.

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