Water Metering Solutions

Minute-To-Minute Monitoring:
Just Add Water

Want to Know More than What
Your Water Meter Tells You?

Your facility uses a lot of water. But do you know exactly how much? Or how much last month compared to this month? Your utility won’t tell you. But we will.

Knowing when water consumption happens is not just about identifying cost savings and maximizing efficiency (although it certainly can do that). It’s also invaluable as another tool for alerting managers to problems that need attention.

Monitoring water flow every minute of every hour of every day makes consumption patterns visible. When an unusual flow is detected, it might be an early warning of a pipe leak or a pump or other equipment failure. You will want to know.

Reduce electricity costs and find energy opportunities
that improve your bottom line.
We can do both.

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Water Data That’s
Crystal Clear

We can record your facility’s bulk water usage right down to the minute with a non-intrusive flow meter that reports data to our online energy and water management dashboard. With access to sophisticated analytical tools, you can now create your own custom water load profile to present the information as you want to see it.

Our energy and water management dashboard also lets you gather the information you need for internal reporting. For operators of multiunit residential complexes, granular accessible water data makes it easy to compare buildings. Does one complex consume more than another? The data will show you.

Going with the Flow…
Of Information

Detailed water consumption information is about gaining insights that are useful. Property and facility operators can be confident in setting realistic conservation targets with the tools to track performance against them. Is a commercial or industrial facility consuming water at a time when it shouldn’t be? Managers can set benchmarks by days of the week or even review how one shift compares with another. It all starts with granular data that’s as transparent as water.