Fleet Charging Solutions

Taking Charge of
Your Electric Fleet

EVs Should Be out Working Not
Waiting Around to Get Charged

Commercial electric vehicles (EVs) are doing more work every day. They’re hauling the heavy loads, delivering the goods on time and getting people to where they need to be. That work takes a lot of power. We know how to make sure your EVs are on the job not hanging around for a charge.

Reduce electricity costs and find energy opportunities
that improve your bottom line.
We can do both.

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Fast Charging Your
Plans for Your Fleet

You have a vision of how you’d like your fleet of electric vehicles to operate. We can power that vision with solutions customized to meet the specific operational and financial requirements of your business. Our approach starts with a thorough review of your needs. We prepare a detailed assessment of your facility’s readiness for the charging stations that will drive your fleet.

We do the EV fleet life cycle analysis that answers the questions about ditching diesel in favour of electric. Understanding your options is easier with our custom charging strategies developed specifically to respond to your operational challenges. Is there a microgrid in your future? We’ll do that analysis too and make the recommendations that will help you decide.

We’re in For
the Long Haul

If you’re preparing to invest in an electric fleet, we can help. We provide fleet acquisition planning because there’s more to it than just the basic vehicle requirements of how much can that vehicle carry and how far can it go. Designing the infrastructure that supports fleet charging is critical. Facilities master planning, the impact on the grid, the interface with the local electrical utility, the environmental impact analysis – all are vitally important factors in the success of your EV fleet. In fact, a well-designed charging infrastructure can save thousands of dollars in ongoing energy and demand charges.

Partner with us to support your switch to electric vehicles and we’ll design and implement the cost-effective and sophisticated charging infrastructure that keeps your vehicles out on the road not waiting out back for a charge.