EV Charging

Charging Electric
Vehicles (EVs)

Operators of electric vehicles want the longest run times and the fastest complete recharges. That’s why we work with our commercial, industrial, residential and institutional customers across Ontario to find the level 2 chargers and level 3 direct current fast chargers that are the fastest and most costeffective on the market. Our level 3 direct current chargers significantly reduce charging time and can refuel 80 percent of your EV in less than fifteen minutes.

We are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of EV charging systems. All installations are customized to the unique charging and branding requirements of individual customers.

Reduce electricity costs and find energy opportunities
that improve your bottom line.
We can do both.

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EV is a game changer

The combustion engine changed everything. But the EV is changing it again and will do it bigger because of its undeniable environmental appeal. The Canadian government is committed to the sale and use of EVs across the country with the aim of all electric for cars and light-duty trucks by 2035.

The presence of branded EV charging stations offering service, customized to your requirements, to fleet drivers, customers or tenants tells them of your commitment to environmental responsibility.

If you believe the EV is a game changer we’re the partners with the ideas about charging them that can keep you in the game.