Energy Analytics

Our Energy Reporting Makes Your Energy
Budget Better

Let Us Get Our Hands on Your Data
and We’ll Break Down Your Bill

When you give us permission to access your electricity data for the month just ended, we’ll tell you what your next electricity bill will be a couple of weeks before you get it. Not only does this information help you budget and allocate costs but comparing our estimates with actual bills identifies any billing irregularities.

Our reports to commercial, industrial, residential and institutional customers provide detailed cost breakdowns and load profiles by facility for the month just ended. Supported by our experience in building energy analytics, we share insights for proactively managing facility energy costs and identify opportunities for performance improvement. Does one location consistently consume more energy than other similar properties? Let us take a look and we’ll have a solution.

What we learn from analyzing your ongoing energy consumption yields another benefit: reliable electricity and natural gas budgets and forecasts. Because we regularly monitor the energy market and understand commodity costs and utility charges, we create the energy budgets our customers depend on. And more accurate information means more accurate forecasts. We provide those too.

Reduce electricity costs and find energy opportunities
that improve your bottom line.
We can do both.

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Better Buying with
Better Analytics

Analyzing how you use energy is an opportunity for developing the best strategy for buying it. We already know the market. Once we learn the details of your energy consumption as well as your objectives for efficiency and sustainability, we can provide unbiased energy procurement recommendations for both electricity and natural gas purchases including hedge prices and quantity targets.

Projects that Work for The
Business and The Environment

We partner with commercial, industrial, residential and institutional customers who want to do more with their investments in energy: more to reduce costs and eliminate waste, more to make their energy supply better for their business, more to exploit the environmental potential of their operations.

Our solutions could include everything from behind the meter generation projects (for example, microturbine or solar installations) to battery storage systems to simple LED lighting retrofits. By taking advantage of industry leading technologies, we ensure you achieve measurable and sustainable energy savings.

Our interest goes beyond simply assisting you in meeting operational energy demands. All leading organizations are making promises to protect the planet. We’re the people you partner with to keep those promises.