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Making Sense of Class A and the
Global Adjustment

Going Class A

Ontario has some of the highest industrial and commercial electricity costs in North America. Maybe it’s time to consider “Class A” and reduce your electricity bill by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

For Class A consumers, Ontario’s global adjustment charge is calculated as a percentage of the province’s total global adjustment costs each month based on how much electricity they use during the top five peak hours over a year. Everyone else pays the global adjustment as a set rate tied to electricity use on a kilowatt hour basis.

What could Class A mean for you? Consider that the global adjustment now makes up well more than half of a business’ electricity costs. Changing the way this item is charged to your business can produce significant savings.

To be eligible, a consumer must use a minimum of one megawatt of electricity a month. Certain other industrial and manufacturing businesses may also be eligible with an average monthly consumption of .5 megawatts (500 kilowatts).

Reduce electricity costs and find energy opportunities
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Class A, Technically Speaking

We speak Class A fluently so you don’t have to. After an assessment of your energy requirements, we can advise on whether choosing Class A is right for you. If it does, we work with the utility company on your behalf to ensure you receive the rate that lowers your electricity costs.

Then we back it up with the numbers. We analyze your savings and give you monthly reports comparing your Class A costs to what you would have paid if you hadn’t called us.

We Watch for Peaks so
You Don’t Have To

Class A consumers can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on annual electricity costs by lowering usage during the top five peak hours each year. These are the five hours when Ontario’s province-wide electricity demand is at its highest.

If you are a commercial or industrial Class A customer, we notify you when potential peaks are likely to occur so you can plan to reduce your electricity usage at those times. We pay attention to the Ontario electricity market so you can pay attention to your business.