Circuit Monitoring

Tracking Energy Use in
Real Time All the Time

Circuit level monitoring tells you
how your energy is working for you.

Realtime monitoring of equipment energy use is critical for managing costs in commercial, industrial, residential and institutional facilities. Lighting, HVAC systems, pumps and compressors and electrical heaters – if it draws electricity it contributes to costs and it can be monitored. Our circuit monitoring measures precise electricity usage and tracks it in intuitive reports that can be customized for your organization. With our simple to install hardware and communications technology gathering and reporting data from your circuits every three seconds, you gain instant insight into when and where energy is being wasted.

Continuous monitoring of the power on every circuit in your facility also can highlight unusual activity, giving you a heads up that an equipment problem is in your future. Equipment that draws an unexpected power load may indicate that something is in need of repair or replacement. When values outside of custom energy benchmarks set for individual circuits are detected by our monitoring software, alerts are triggered, notifying operations or maintenance staff or management. A fan running too long or a motor drawing more electricity could be a signal of an unforeseen but imminent failure.

Reduce electricity costs and find energy opportunities
that improve your bottom line.
We can do both.

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It’s Like an Energy
Audit All the Time

Imagine knowing how much energy both historical and in real time your operations consume right down to a single circuit. Accessible, understandable energy data for every circuit in your facility is available to a comprehensive array of analytical tools flexible enough to meet the needs of the analyst, the engineer, the accountant and the manager.

Want to know what energy retrofit projects and upgrades will produce the highest return? What is that electric vehicle (EV) charging station really costing and when is it being used the most? What about the greenhouse gas emissions produced by your energy use and what can be done to lower them? With circuit level monitoring, data is collected and analyzed so you get answers.

You will want to think about the larger projects for longterm management of costs that circuit level monitoring will identify. While you do, you can start saving money now. By knowing precisely where all that electricity is going we can help you solve immediate issues immediately.