Bus Conversions to EV

Ditch the Diesel but Keep the Bus:
Converting to Electric

Flipping the Switch
to The Electric Bus

You can lower your carbon footprint by stepping on the electric bus. Converting bus fleets by replacing diesel engines and drivetrains with battery packs and electric motors is now a viable and affordable option for local governments and other transit agency operators looking to reduce the total life cycle cost of their fleet.

Given that operating electric buses produces no greenhouse gas emissions, the switch to electric makes sense for the environment. But it also makes life better for the people who use those buses to get to work or go to school or just get around town. Because buses go where the people are, eliminating the diesel exhaust that contributes to local air pollution and respiratory diseases can only help everyone breathe easier.

Reduce electricity costs and find energy opportunities
that improve your bottom line.
We can do both.

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A Diesel Bus without The Diesel
Is an Idea that Has Arrived

Instead of new electric buses, your existing diesel buses can be converted to battery-electric drives. Repowering diesel buses costs less than acquiring brand new vehicles. Conversion can extend the useful life of a bus, certainly beyond its diesel drivetrain, and still yield the benefits of much lower operating and fuel costs as well as the environmental advantages of no emissions. It’s essentially keeping the diesel bus without the diesel.

More than Just Buses

We think like partners not onetime service providers. Although we talk electric buses and the charging infrastructure necessary to support them, we can also talk about financing and leasing options that can make them part of your fleet sooner rather than later.

Whether you’re thinking about converting existing buses to electric or acquiring a new electric fleet, we would like to help.