Transportation / Fleet Electrification

Electric Vehicles Are a Game Changer.
Will Your Company Lead the Charge?

Shrinking Your Carbon Footprint,
and Your Total Cost of Ownership.

Businesses rely on vehicles to transport goods, people, and deliver services. With the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) happening now, corporations across all sectors will lead the charge in the conversion to EVs. Not only do electric vehicles contribute to reduced carbon footprint and help corporations achieve their sustainability goals, but they will reduce maintenance costs, fuel costs, and total cost of ownership across the board. Whether it is a municipality, a small to medium sized business, or a global corporation with an integrated supply chain – they can all reduce costs by adopting electric vehicle fleets.

Getting Your Fleet Connected,
Charged, and On the Road.

You want the switch to electric vehicles to be as seamless as possible, and we want that too. Elexicon Group has the expertise required to make that happen. We review your needs, and your facility’s capacity for taking on additional EV charging stations, and provide a charging solution that works best for you. Our EV fleet life cycle analysis will determine how your electric fleet will pay for itself.

We can help you get started with fleet acquisition planning, and by being your interface with the local utility company. We can design your charging infrastructure in a way that ensures your cars, trucks, and buses are fully charged when they need to be.

Supplying Stored Electricity
You Can Rely On.

A key component in designing a robust and efficient charging infrastructure is energy storage. Battery packs or larger energy storage installations open up an exciting array of possibilities – storing energy when it’s cheap and discharging when it’s costly, using stored energy to reduce your facility’s peak demand, or supplying extra power to charge more cars when you need it. Different kinds of facilities can use stored energy in different ways, and providing the right solution is our expertise.

Our experience with energy storage installations makes us the right partner for building a stellar charging infrastructure. We will engineer, design, procure and construct your charging infrastructure, or help you with any piece of the project along the way. We know the utility industry inside and out, and will get your charging infrastructure installed professionally with no hassle.