Municipalities Go Public with Energy
Efficiency and Sustainability

Less Energy Does More
for The Environment

Delivering services to communities can come with significant energy demands. Increasingly aware of environmental issues, citizens are asking their municipalities and public agencies to use energy better. Getting more from the energy consumed by municipal and public buildings is a cost effective way to reduce environmental impacts. We have the experience to help municipal managers take efficiency and sustainability public.

Microturbines Generate
More than Electricity

Our microturbines generate electricity. They also generate heat and cooling and emergency power. Plus cost savings and sustainability. And then there’s the approval from the communities that want their power with a drastically reduced environmental impact. Our microturbines generate that too.

Here’s how it works: a combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) system generates electricity onsite replacing part of the power that is usually purchased from local utility. The self generated electricity costs less than utility-supplied power immediately lowering the electricity bill. The waste heat created in electricity generation is captured and used to produce facility heating and cooling. When municipalities are considering questions about reducing overall electricity use, finding more energy savings and lessening environmental burdens, this system is an highly energy efficient answer.

Built around clean compact microturbines, our systems are well suited for the range of power requirements represented by the structures operated by municipalities such as recreational facilities, arenas and swimming pools as well as office complexes, operations centres and fleet depots. Because microturbines run around the clock, they are always ready to supply emergency power in blackouts allowing arenas and recreation centres to be quickly converted to community shelters when they’re needed.

Monitoring Facilities by Circuit

With a diverse portfolio of physical structures operating a range of different equipment and systems, the municipal manager responsible for energy needs information that can be trusted. Energy is consumed in real time so it should be tracked in real time. Our circuit monitoring technology and communications software can report realtime electrical activity on every circuit in every facility. Accessible understandable energy data is available online immediately to a comprehensive suite of customizable analytical tools capable of supporting the information requirements of engineers, accountants, analysts and managers. When there’s a problem on a monitored circuit, they can be the first to know because our system will tell them.

Budgeting and Buying

As a company that grew out of the utility sector, we understand the cost of power. Our reports for municipalities detail cost breakdowns and load profiles by facility. Our experience with energy analytics provides the insights necessary for getting control of facility energy costs and identifying opportunities for performance improvement. Because we monitor the energy market, we create energy budgets and forecasts our customers can depend on. And when it’s time to think about buying energy better, we can help with that too.