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Commercial and Industrial Facilities
Track Energy in Real Time

Energy as Opportunity
for Competitive Advantage

What keeps managers of large commercial and industrial operations up at night? Thinking about how to gain competitive advantage. It’s now well accepted that energy—and managing energy with climate-friendly technology—has emerged as a strategic factor in securing competitive advantage. Manufacturers are searching for the most energyefficient processes for making their goods. Consumers are thinking about the energy that’s used in the production of the products and services they buy. Sustainability, energy conservation, climate protection – increasingly these are factors in gaining public acceptance for the items supplied by companies in the commercial and industrial sector. We help those companies manage energy for competitive advantage.

Energy Used in Real Time
Should Be Monitored in
Real Time

Realtime circuit monitoring of equipment and systems is essential for understanding energy consumption and costs in commercial and industrial facilities. Lighting, HVAC, pumps, compressors, electric heaters—even water use—can be tracked and reported in an online customizable energy management dashboard. You gain instant insight into where energy is being used and where it is being wasted. What energy efficiency projects will yield the greatest benefits in savings? Realtime energy consumption data will point you in the right direction.

And if a motor is suddenly drawing more electricity than it should, that might be an alert of a failure about to happen. Our system will flag that and automatically tell the people who need to know.

We (Really) Understand Energy
Data so You Don’t (Really)
Have To

Our commercial and industrial customers depend on us to analyze their electricity consumption data at the end of every month and give them detailed breakdowns by facilities. We identify opportunities for performance improvement and manage the energy efficiency projects that deliver on cost savings and sustainability objectives. Because we know the energy market, we also do budgets and forecasts and provide unbiased recommendations for future electricity and natural gas purchases.