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Multi-Unit Residential

Multi-Unit Residential

Generating Savings for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Rising energy and utility costs are a challenge facing managers of multi-unit residential buildings, seniors residences, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and other similar property portfolios. How can we help? Start with your electricity bill. Are you paying the lowest price available to you? We’re a company with strong ties to the utility sector so we know electricity costs. In fact, our ongoing advice on monthly bills saves property managers across Ontario thousands of dollars a year.

Energy and Utility Ideas that Benefit Residents as Well as The Bottom Line

We have the experience and tools to identify the retrofits that offer the best return in ongoing energy and utilities savings while also creating a more comfortable environment for residents. Assessing the full direct and indirect benefits of different projects is particularly important with older buildings that may be approaching the time for life cycle infrastructure upgrades or replacements. Whether it’s LED lighting equipped with sensors or a compact microturbine generating onsite electricity and driving a combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) system, we can advise on which project makes the most sense for your organization and your residents.

Because conservation is as important to engaged residents as it is to property managers, we unlock the potential of energy and utilities conservation to do more than just save money. With realtime circuit monitoring of electricity and water use in your facilities, we can provide the results from efficiency and conservation activities as measurable energy and utilities savings and progress on sustainability goals, giving property managers the information they will want to share with their resident communities and other stakeholders.

Charging Forward with Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are coming in greater numbers. Some may even be parked outside your building right now. Are you ready for the questions from current and potential occupants about chargers for their EVs? Residential home-based charging is attractive to drivers of EVs because of when they tend to plug in their vehicles: overnight when off-peak electricity prices are lower. We can assess the capacity of your buildings to host residential EV charging stations, let you know what’s needed and design the project. And when you’re ready to charge forward, we’ll get it all installed.

Reduce utility costs and CO2 emissions while improving building performance and tenant comfort. At the same time.

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