About Us

Whitby Hydro Energy Services & Veridian Corporation Are Now Elexicon Group


Imagine energy as opportunity.


Be that partner: the one who makes energy management better for business and consumers, and saves a bit more of the world.

Brand Story

Elexicon Group exists because the status quo in thinking about energy is no longer good enough. Imagine energy as opportunity. We do. Opportunities that make life better for our customers and communities. That builds relationships. That saves a bit more of the world.

Drawing on the best traditions of the electricity distribution companies from which it was born, Elexicon Group combines expertise and curiosity to bring creative energy solutions to life. And then we put them at the service of our customers and our community.

A Heritage Dating Back to 1903

As an entrepreneurial endeavour, Elexicon Group focuses on providing a wide range of energy solutions to our customers. By combining our two companies, we have greater scale and access to resources to support your increasing and complex energy requirements.

How we got here

Following an extensive evaluation and community engagement process, Whitby Hydro Energy Corporation and Veridian Corporation moved forward with a proposal to merge in 2018. Now – under our new name and identity – we’re delivering a wider range of energy solutions to a wider range of customers.