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Elexicon Group is uniquely positioned to help municipalities, MURBs, MUSHs and other SMEs make use of the multiple funding opportunities available related to green energy, low carbon and net zero initiatives.

Dedicated to Optimizing Utilities and Improving Sustainability with Proven Technologies and Innovative Solutions

A Holistic and Integrated Approach to the Built Environment

An average apartment or condo building in Canada emits 500 MT of CO2 per year – primarily from natural gas boilers that provide heating and hot water to residents. 

But that’s really only half the equation. The single-owner gas vehicles parked at that building also generate 500 MT of CO2 per year or more.

More affordable and sustainable living has to consider both housing and mobility.    

As we transition to EV’s and more electric sources of heating, like heat pumps, we need to manage and optimize both grid and distributed energy resources to enable this shift.   

Reduce utility costs and CO2 emissions while improving building performance and tenant comfort. At the same time.

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