The History to
Imagine the Future

Elexicon Group was created in 2019 by the merger of Whitby Hydro Energy Services and Veridian Corporation to make energy better. With a legacy of service in the energy business that goes back more than a century, it’s our long history that lets us imagine the future.


Shouldn’t Your Energy Bills Be Lower?

We’re imagining them smaller right now. That’s because we consult on every aspect of energy and utilities including electricity, gas and water. We understand energy as opportunity. We find the opportunities that reduce costs and improve the bottom line.

Circuit level monitoring tracks energy use in real time all the time. Combined with analytics, it lets you know how your energy is working for you.

We can help you budget for it, buy it and use less of it.

The status quo in energy management is good enough.
Until it isn't.

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Onsite Power?

Our microturbines generate power along with cooling, heat, emergency energy and lower energy bills.

We have electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions that can supplement emergency power capabilities. And for your other charging requirements, we can plug you into the charging systems that keep your equipment working as long as you need it to.

Our battery storage systems for commercial, industrial and other large power users improve power quality and provide emergency backup.


7 MWh energy storage project in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, providing reliability services to the local grid. Elexicon Group provided engineering and construction for the project

Where You Find Our Ideas Working


Multi-Unit Residential

Multiunit residential complexes such as apartment buildings, condominiums and seniors residences as well as real estate investment trusts (REITs) save on their electricity bills every month with our services.
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Commercial / Industrial

Commercial and industrial facilities such as warehouses, office buildings and services businesses as well as foundries and manufacturers maximize efficiency and minimize loss turning energy into competitive advantage.
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Retail Businesses

Including grocery stores, shopping malls and franchise operations generate savings by boosting energy efficiency through retrofits of outdated equipment and getting more from their heating, ventilation and cooling systems.
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Respond to the routine energy requirements of their communities, address environmental issues and better prepare for emergencies by implementing creative energy efficiency solutions across a wide range of structures.
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Commercial Fleets /
Public Transit Agencies

Convert existing vehicles into electric, acquire new electric vehicles (EVs) and plug them all into the charging infrastructure that keeps them on the road.
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Public Transit Agencies